What is Local SEO and Why It Is So Important?

  • May 27, 2024

If you’re a local business owner competing with Amazon and Walmart for top results in Google, you might think there’s no use in spending time and money improving your online presence. That may be the case With the primary organic listings, but not with regard to local search. 
Whether you service a specific region or have a physical brick-and-mortar store, local SEO enables you to establish stronger connections with town, city, or neighbourhood residents. This is significant because 81% of consumers now use Google to research local companies which makes local search engine optimization in digital marketing important.

What is Local SEO?

To increase a company’s exposure in search results for location-specific inquiries, local SEO aims to optimise a business’s online presence. In order to draw local clients and increase foot traffic to physical places, it entails focusing on users in a particular geographic area and putting different techniques into practice, like monitoring Google Business Profile listings, encouraging customer reviews, and optimising local keywords.

Advantages of Local SEO

Increased online visibility:

Local SEO tactics like link building and citation building help you become more visible online. This facilitates new customers’ discovery of your business.

Increased foot traffic within the store:

A higher level of local visibility attracts more customers to your physical business.

Starter SEO

$ 249
  • 10 Keywords
  • On-Page
  • 70 Link Building
  • Blog Writing 2/2
  • Press Release

Booster SEO

$ 349
  • 20 Keywords
  • On-Page
  • 120 Link Building
  • Blog Writing 2/2
  • Press Release

Prime SEO

$ 449
  • 30 Keywords
  • On-Page
  • 200 Link Building
  • Blog Writing 3
  • Press Release

Profit from the growth in local shopping:

Since COVID, over half of consumers have chosen to support small and local companies by doing their shopping locally. You may compete for those new company chances by using local SEO.

Targeted web traffic:

Increased targeted web traffic can result in more leads, subscriptions, sign-ups, and purchases for your website. This is achieved by optimising it for local search.

Increased calls:

Improving Google Maps exposure through Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) optimisation can result in more calls. This can result in more phone calls and in-person meetings.

Thought leadership:

You can become recognised as an authority in your industry and develop a position of thought leadership with the aid of content marketing.

Enhanced conversion rate:

You can increase phone calls, email subscriptions, purchases, and contact form submissions by optimising your website.

More competitive:

Local SEO also increases your competitiveness by motivating you to research the strategies and actions that your competitors are using to their advantage and then incorporate those strategies into your own strategy.

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Why is Local SEO Important?

Now that you are aware of the definition of local search engine optimization (SEO), let us discuss what it means. The benefit of local SEO is that it’s a powerful online marketing tool for businesses trying to attract more local customers to their establishments.

People use search engines like Google to find local services or businesses that are close to them. Because of this, it’s critical for your company to have a successful local SEO plan in order to guarantee that it ranks well when customers search for your goods or services online.

Not sure if you really need an SEO plan for local searches? Take a look at these figures:

  • Over the previous five years, searches for “near me” have surged by more than 500%.

  • Mobile searches for terms like “open near me now” have increased by 200%.

  • 30% of smartphone searches have a location component.

Wrapping  Up

For organizations that lack the time, resources, or experience to handle local SEO in-house, partnering with a local SEO services provider can be a wise decision. Researching keywords, creating content, establishing links, managing citations, on-page optimization, monitoring performance, and creating content are all part of local SEO, and they all call for constant work and adjustment to search engine algorithms that are always changing.

When you work with a local SEO agency, you can concentrate on your main business while professionals take care of your online presence. Before choosing an agency, take into account your spending limit, the agency’s experience, track record, range of services, and procedures for reporting and communication. For measurable outcomes, it’s critical to select a service that can craft a customised local SEO plan and comprehend the particular requirements of your company.

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